As mentioned in the page of ‘Registration for Foreign Manufacturer’, registration holder is the importer in Korea of which the name and address is described in Certificate of Product Registration, not foreign manufacturer. Due to this rule, it is difficult for foreign manufacturer to change or to control registered importer. For example, foreign manufacturer can’t find another provisional distributor without consent of registered importer.

For the foreign manufacturer who want to have overall control right on regulatory affair, our company supplies Contracted Registration Holder Service. When contracted, we will act as registered importer and your regal agency in Korean, on the bases of periodic maintenance fee and service fee.

The activities of our company as consignee include;

Product Registration

Surveillance against non-conformance of products in Korean market, including primary on-site inspection.

Survey for customer satisfaction and another marketing activity on service fee bases.

By this service, you can make an distribution contract with anyone you want, and add or change to new distributor without any regulatory problem. Of course, you can change registered importer to another person or company, by terminating the contract. We will solve any regulatory problem until the process for changing registered importer is finished.